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  • October 16, 2014 1:45 pm
  • October 12, 2014 8:23 pm

    Did volunteer work at Franklin Falls this weekend.

  • October 6, 2014 3:48 pm


    Twin Peaks is returning with 9 episodes, all directed by David Lynch.

    See the teaser and more details here.

  • September 29, 2014 1:23 pm
  • September 25, 2014 9:58 pm
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  • September 22, 2014 1:42 pm

    My Danners took a good beating during a 3 day work party with The Washington Trails Association up at Mount Rainier.
    A little TLC goes a long way & I’m loving the way they’re starting to look with every mile.

  • September 21, 2014 11:24 pm

    I volunteered this weekend with the Washington Trails Association at Mount Rainier National Park.
    I helped with other WTA Volunteers to construct a rock barrier along the freshly paved Paradise Trails to help reduce the impact of erosion.
    After work each day I enjoyed the Longmire Volunteer Campgrounds.

  • September 13, 2014 7:37 pm
  • September 10, 2014 8:35 pm

    Short Story.

    Long ago I once had the desire to write great American novels. I don’t think of myself as such an author anymore but from time to time I do write a bit.
    I just finished up this short story a few minutes ago and I’m into it.
    Let me know what you think.


    A Love Story.
    L.R. Blakley

    1. An Introduction
      My name is Elle Are Blake Lee. I am a quarter of a century year old, I live in a grand little city 30 miles from Mount Rainier, the most beautiful place in the world. Granted, I haven’t been ‘round the world much, but it’ll suffice for now. I’m a coffee maker, paperback book collector, lover of stories, and just recently a teller of tales. Now this little story is an account from my memory which happens to be a whole big mess of what really happened, what I think happened, and what I wanted to happen. On that note I guess you could then say this isn’t all fact, but a beautiful, fictitious tale all based on a True Love Story.
    1. Oh, That Smile!
      Yes! That big, beautiful, lightnin’ white smile! Imagine a smile so captivating that upon seein’ it everything in the whole dang world stops and you’re just standing there sheepish as all hell and speechless as a mute. O’ Lord, help me! That smile! That’s when I first saw her. First fell in that deep deep deep magical mess of whole hearted True Love. I stood a standin’ there awe struck for what had felt like forever. And if the Lord were to decide that it was that exact moment to take me up to his heavenly gates, well that’d be just fine. I’d have died knowing that the last thing I had seen was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Ah, yes! That smile…
    1. Chai Tea
      Her name is Encee Delgatoe and she picked me up on an overcast day in the Chinatown of downtown Seattle. A pleasant surprise and platonic coffee date. A cafe on Capitol Hill, we ordered two Chai Tea Lattes and sat together at a little table by the window. She wore a black jacket, pink scarf and her beautiful dark hair fell to her shoulders. I wore blue jeans, a green jacket with my hair in its usual nest-mess top knot. We got to talkin’ about everything. And I mean E V E R Y T H I N G. The minutes flew by as I memorized her laugh, her smile lines, her eyes and the way she gently kept her cup between her palms. I had wished so badly to be that little cup… By the end of it I felt as if she were someone I had known my whole entire life. An old friend I had been waiting to catch up with after being apart for years. Before I knew it we were in my small downtown apartment still laughing. I couldn’t get enough! The night ended after a couple of drinks back on Capitol Hill. She drove me home and I was missing her before I even left her car! To say the least, I was smitten.
    1. Movies and Vegan Cookies
      Encee and I had a lot of the same taste. We enjoyed silly movies and had a whole list made up to watch together. Night after night she is in Chinatown on my couch and we just watched movies. I liked to pick scary ones to see if I could get her feeling a little spooked. That way she might want to sit a little (or a lot) closer to me. Now Encee had an egg allergy, the poor girl. Imagine it! Allergic to eggs! Eggs are in everything, and for a damn good reason, they’re great! She revealed to me she hadn’t had a cookie in quite some time. I spent a little time lookin’ up some egg-free chocolate chip cookies recipes. I went to the market and gathered my ingredients and got to work right away. After a test batch or two I had gotten some pretty dang good vegan cookies. It wouldn’t be til another 48 hours until I’d see her again to give her the treat.
    1. Our First Kiss
      The cookies were a triumph. She enjoyed a couple and saved the rest for a later snack. We were laying in my bed watchin’ some kind of movie I can’t recall the name of (and if I ever do happen upon that title I’m sure it’ll be my most favorite flick). I knew tonight was the night I’d finally plant that first, nervous kiss on her perfect, plump lips. Those soft, perfect, delicious lips. I had day-dreamed of it constantly. But no amount of silly dreamin’ could prepare me for how wonderful those lips would actually feel. I was as nervous as a sky diver takin’ his first plunge into the sky. I knew she was interested. She had to be. We had been like magnets ever since our Chai Tea Lattes were poured! Nervous as I was, I went on for it. On my left was a small, crumpled piece of paper. Perfect! This was my chance. Now to whoever readin’ this take note! Encee was to my right. Both of us on our backs watchin’ the movie. I picked up that amazing little piece of paper. Now makin’ it look like I was placing it on the bedside table, I put my arm across her. Losing that piece of garbage and cupping her waist in my palm, I softly planted my lips onto hers. Just like that our lips met like delicate magnets that had been searchin’ for one another all their lives.
    1. Those Golden Days and Summer Nights
      Ever since that first kiss we had become even more inseparable. We spent our days all in Seattle, our nights in our drinks and then makin’ the most wild, mad, beautiful love you could think of! Love you could not imagine! Love that’ll make your eyes water, lips quiver, thighs shake and mind crazed. Crazed. Yes! That was our love makin’. The most beautiful love. I could not keep my eyes, mind, or lips off of her. She had enveloped herself around my whole entire world, carrying me from feelin’ to feelin’. All of great great love. I had made her my girl. One late morning we were layin’ in my bed after one of our many rounds of that great love, I had pronounced her mine. There was no proposing, just decision. She obliged like I knew she would. How could she not? I knew that those big, great feelings I was feeling were there for her too. Our love wouldn’t be so astounding if she hadn’t. This was a It Takes Two kinda rodeo, not one man or not one woman alone could make such feelings. We picked the perfect time to start up our love. The Summers in the Pacific Northwest are not comparable to anywhere else! The big, great trees, the oceans, trails, city streets filled with tourists, the bars all hoppin’ and beatin’ along to that warm Summer breeze. And Encee and I just rolled on with it. Rolled on in our city and our big, great love. I could not believe I had found such a love, but I had and I intended to keep it. No sir, this was not another young Summer fling, this was IT. She had IT, she was IT, and I wanted IT.
    1. Moving In
      Months went on and so did we, forward into our new domestic chapter. There were some wonderful ups and terrible downs. Like a roller coaster…. But Encee would have nothing of the sort. She was the gravitational pull and momentum that kept us moving on. I’d hit a big rut, more than once and even twice but she kept us a movin’. We had acquired a cat, a dog, and now a new apartment in this wonderful town called Tacoma. South of Seattle, we set up shop along the waterfront, a wonderful road called Ruston Way. I knew right away I loved it! What a perfect place! Seattle had gotten too mad for me. Too expensive, too busy, too grey, too routine. We found somethin’ new together. We talked of marriage, children, movin’ on to that great California Golden Coast and startin’ a whole new adventure there together. I was all for it! But the terrible downs just a kept on comin’. Her momentum wearing out, we had nothin’ but the gravity just pulling us down down down…
    1. Lonesome Weeks & The Great Trail
      Now with all Love Stories there comes a sadness. Luckily, in our sadness we would find our way to the light again. But we had broken and neither one of us knew if we could fix it, or if it even were fixable. But after we endured our darkest days together we indeed persevered through several lonesome weeks. Encee had found us a way, I followed excitedly. Like an old, beaten trail we began trekking, picking up the garbage on the way, disposing of it. Filling in the holes where we had tripped before, rebuilding the bridges that had been weathered. Day by day, and still to this day, we are trekking along hand-in-hand up to the top of our mountain. To our Promised Land. One day we’ll make it. And when we do we’ll know it. I’ll look into those brown eyes and without a word we will tell one another that we had made it. We will have a celebration. We will drink to it, dine to it and once again make that wild, mad, beautiful love. But when we get to that mountain top, that wonderful summit, we will once again descend back to the beginning. We had made it to the top before, but neglected our trail. And that’s when we forgot to clean up the trash, fill in those holes and fix up those bridges. Our journey became a wasteland that we never looked back on. Encee and I will trek our trail relentlessly, happily, all madly in love fixin’, cleanin’ and buildin’ until we reach that top, over and over again.
    1. No Happy Ending… Yet.
      Now because our story is still in the beginning, we have not yet composed an ending. Its still under construction. We’re hiking along our trail, pitchin’ tents, kickin’ rocks. Trekking along to our Summit. Our smiles broad, our hearts full, and our desires in sync, we trek and trek. We still make that wild, mad, beautiful love. In every way you can think of, and some you’ve never heard of. Just Encee and I, trekkin’ along.

      See you at the top,
      -Elle Are Blake Lee.